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Why do I need insurance?

You are looking for an aircraft (plane, glider, microlight, helicopter)  insurance covering all risks and taking your experience into account in order to get the most suited price.

Our solution

F-SAAM is an insurance program developed by SAAM VERSPIEREN Group for owners and / or operators of single and / or twin-engine aircraft, which are used privately and / or commercially.

This contract covers all required and desired coverages for the use of the aircraft.

We offer your 3 types of covers:

  • Legal liability
  • Hull risks (including war risks)
  • Personal accidents

Key benefits

  • Basic uses included in the contract:
    • Non-commercial pleasure and/or business flights
    • Flight sharing
    • Display on air shows
    • Test and/or maintenance flights
    • Flights based on cost sharing
    • Aerial photographs
    • Possibility to insure (ab initio) instruction.
  • Geographical limits: Europe, including the Mediterranean bordering countries except Algeria, Lybia, Egypt – Any expansion is possible
  • No claim bonus: 10 pct. of the total premium (hull and liability) – to be settled in advance
  • Personal accidents: The pilot seat and / or optional passenger seat up to EUR 150,000
  • Specific warranties
    • Instruction: Coverage during Instruction to the owner on his own aircraft insured with us
    • Repatriation: Repatriation of pilots, passengers and aircraft when it is impossible to return to the home base due to unfavorable weather conditions
    • Private and limited airfields: In the event that an accident or incident occurs at an airport (private airfields or restricted airports) that is not accessible to the general public, the cover is maintained, provided that the field in question complies with the specifications of the aircraft
    • FCL.055 Language skill: The cover remains applicable when the occupants involved in the flight do not meet the qualifications  required by FCL055, provided that the insured can prove that the accident is not due to a violation of these obligations.
    • Exceeding technical power: Coverage is maintained in case of exceeding the technical capacity of the aircraft equipment or the periodic/intermediate maintenance as required by the regulations, if the insured can prove that the cause of the accident is not the result of a violation of these obligations