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Our business

SAAM specialises in the management and placement of aviation risks. It advices, supports and provides the most appropriate responses to the needs of both its professional and individual clients, independently of the existing insurance companies in the market. It always undertakes to offer the best value for money services when defending cases.

Areas of intervention

  • Loss of licence,
  • Death,
  • Temporary unfitness to work for cabin crews and flight crews,
  • Liability, damage, Personal Accident for all branches of the aviation sector from free flight to airlines, kite surfing, ULM, skydiving, general aviation and aerospace companies of all size.

Key figures

  • 4M turnover in 2016
  • 35 collaborators
  • 30,000 customers including more than 10,000 in Europe
  • 1,500 aircrafts insured,
  • More than 20,000 practitioners around the world who take out insurance via national federations or individually through online tools.