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You are a member of FELA and you practise ULM (paramotor, PULMA, trikes, three-axis microlights, etc.) or free flight (paragliding, hang-gliding, kiting).

We offer a secure, comprehensive and customisable cover that also protects your passengers, non-carried third parties and yourself.

Why choose SAAM?

We have implemented a multi activities contract for FELA including:

  • Liability,
  • ULM Liability,
  • Personal accident,
  • Personal accident and additional per diems,
  • Repatriation assistance.
  • Legal Protection.

NB: To subscribe, you need a partner code. Just ask your school / club.

Subscribe online
for a VOLPACK FELA contract

If you are a professional, opt for VOLPACK PRO FELA

If you are a company, opt for VOLPACK ENTREPRISES FELA


SAAM’s strengths

  • Online subscription,
  • Contract for specified dates,
  • Competitive rates,
  • Tacit renewal.