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What is flight sharing?

Just like car pooling, flight sharing is about sharing tours and journeys on private planes. The connection between pilots and passengers is made possible thanks to a dedicated internet platform. Pilots can advertise one or several empty passenger seats, in exchange for splitting the cost of the flight.


Flight sharing and insurance, what there is to know:
Since 25th August 2016, flight sharing is fully authorised in Europe and France. However, one may still wonder what to do in terms of insurance. First of all, every aircraft has got a liability insurance with regards to EU Regulation CE785/2004 that sets a minimum insurance in accordance to the weight – MMD/MTOW – and the number of passenger seats in the aircraft.

Additionally, the subscribed contract must precisely state the name of the authorised pilot(s) and/or the minimum required experience in the “Piloting” section.

Finally, although it is better that flight sharing be mentioned in the “Uses” section, it is not legally compulsory. It is however important that, if the pilot is not the owner of the aircraft (an air club, or a flight school), they must warn the owner and get explicit authorisation from them to use the aircraft for flight sharing.

Most importantly, in order to be eligible for our insurance coverage all pilots must comply with the regulations for cost-shared flights, that is to say be able to take passenger in flight. All over Europe, the pilot must satisfy the classical criteria for passenger transportation, as follows:

– Hold a valid PPL License

– Hold a valid Class 2 medical certificate

– Have carried out at least 3 landings and 3 take-offs during the three months prior to the state of the cost-shared flight


From SAAM : As this activity is fastly gaining in popularity, we have explicitly added a “flight sharing” section to our contracts. It is then entirely up to the subscriber to authorise this practise in their rules of procedure.


New : To answer the request of the flight sharing platform WINGLY, we have tailored an insurance that brings complementary guarantees to their pilots and passengers. This liability insurance is intended to raise the maximum guarantee up to 1 million euro in case of insufficient compulsory insurance.


“Flight Sharing is a new practice with a great future because it promotes better economic and social efficiency for light aviation. We are convinced that we have a key role to play in its development, since it is based on trust, a trust strengthened by insurance.” declared Laurent Haumont, Deputy Director of SAAM Verspieren Group.


Emeric de Waziers, co-founder of Wingly comments: “We have been building a community of trust within Wingly since the beginning. Thanks to this ambitious European partnership with SAAM Verspieren, we are taking flight sharing to another level by offering broad coverage to our users.”