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Why choose SAAM?

You practise:

  • ULM: paramotor, PULMA (ultralight glider with auxiliary motor), trikes, three-axis microlights, etc.
  • free flight: paragliding, hang-gliding, kiting.


Looking for an insurance formula:

  • best suited to your profile and your budget,
  • with a risk level for your lifestyle,
  • that also covers your passengers, non-carried third parties and yourself,
  • and incorporates protection for your ULM (3-axis, trikes, etc.) and liability required by European régulations.


The VOLPACK contract is your solution
Our multi-activity VOLPACK contract includes:

  • Liability
  • ULM Liability
  • Personal accident,
  • Personal accident and additional per diems,
  • Repatriation assistance.
  • Legal expenses insurance.

Subscribe online for a VOLPACK contract

If you are a professional, opt for VOLPACK PRO

If you are a company, opt for VOLPACK ENTREPRISES


SAAM’s strengths

  • Online subscription,
  • Contract for specified dates,
  • Competitive rates,
  • Tacit renewal.