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Why do I need insurance?

Every professional activity creates potential risks. There are many scenarios where your company may incur professional liability. Better to be fully covered and for cover amounts suited to your business activity.

Your cover should actually match the risks you may incur to your customers, suppliers or others around you, and to your business and its development.

Whether you operate in the paramotor and free flight environment, as:

  • importer or retailer of equipment,
  • manufacturer,
  • or maintenance and repair workshop,

You are looking for a complete insurance solution tailored to cover all risks inherent in your profession.


Our offer

With the Volpack Entreprises guarantee, you are insured for:

“Premises Liability”: covers your Liability in case of damage caused to third parties in the course of your business activity.
“Product Liability”: covers your Liability for damage caused to third parties following your business activity.
“Hangar keeper Liability”(optional) covers your liability for damage caused to equipment entrusted to you by your customer.


SAAM’s strengths

  • a comprehensive offer designed for free flight professional bodies and companies in France,
  • tailored cover limits,
  • Competitive rates,
  • a dedicated contact.