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Why do I need insurance?

You are a human resources manager, an administrative director or an airline manager.

You are looking for support to offer coverages suited to your employees’ needs (ground staff, cabin crew, trainees) in heathcare, employee benefits and loss of licence insurance.

In order to pool the risks you wish to:

  • simplify internal management procedures;
  • provide a level of coverage in addition to the basic Social Security regime;
  •  provide specific coverages for your employees.


Our solution

SAAM offers the possibility to set up group scheme (mandatory) or facultative schemes, suited to the size of your company and at the best possible cost.

We support you in setting up homogeneous employee benefits and risk management policies for the following coverage:

  • medical expenses;
  • death;
  • loss of licence;
  • temporary incapacity to work;
  • legal protection, etc.
  • First-class day-to-day management


SAAM handles the day-to-day interface between the commercial aviation company, the insurer and employees.


Well informed insured parties

SAAM offers various medias to inform your employees:

  • a welcome booklet;
  • information meetings in the place;
  • accounts exécutives who advise your employees;
  • access to an extranet allowing your employees to modify/adjust their Professional coverages;
  • access to a health insurance extranet allowing your employees to check the payments of their healthcare costs.