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Offering an employee benefits group scheme (including permanent and temporary loss of licence insurance) to their employee is a complex issue that requires a heavy investment by the Human Resources department or the Benefits and Compensation department.

Setting up a high quality employee benefits group scheme suited to their individual situations is a powerful way to retain your employees and offer them a distinguished benefit compared to what they could get from other employers.

In the aviation industry, the benefits of such a coverage should not be underestimated and the management of employee benefits must necessarily be part of the overall employee remuneration Policy.



Very few companies, including large companies, have the ability to handle by themselves these issues with the necessary objectivity.


Our solution

Beyond the establishment of an employee benefits coverage suited to your employees, SAAM offers you its expertise in loss of licence insurance and other professional coverages dedicated to the aviation industry.

Through structured methodology and rigorous and participatory management, SAAM guides you through the establishment of a group contract that defines and enhances your group plan benefits:


Commercial aviation

Our employee benefits group schemes for commercial aviation companies.


Business aviation

Our employee benefits group schemes for business aviation companies.