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Why do I need insurance?

You are:

  • A ground-handling company (catering, handling, administrative services)
  • A refueller
  • A security / safety company

In order to get covered against the damage they might cause to third parties in connection with the realisation of their activities, companies involved in airport assistance must subscribe an Aviation Professional Liability insurance.


Our solution

We offer a tailor-made solution including three coverages:

  • Professionnal liability 
    It covers the financial consequences of your liability towards third parties and any claims therefrom in connection with your aviation business;
  • Hangarkeeper liability
    It covers the financial consequences of your liability, due to property damage and bodily injury resulting from accidents caused to customers’ belongings which are under your care custody and control, including aircraft;
  • Products liability
    It covers the financial consequences of your liability for bodily injury, property damage and consequential damage caused by the aeronautical products after delivery.

We determine with you both the cover and the amount of cover, depending on your needs, the value of assets under your care custody and control and any contractual commitments you may have.


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