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Why do I need insurance?

  • You have taken out a large personal loan but it excludes the practice of aerial sport.
  • Most of the benefits insurance policies of the market exclude aviation risks (aircraft, helicopter, microlight, paragliding, skydiving, etc.).
  • You already benefit from a personal accident insurance through your aeronautical federation, but the capital is too low regarding your personal or professional circumstances.


Our solution

In case of an accident occurring during your aviation activity, we provide you with “Personal Accident & Bodily Injury” insurance. In that case, we pay you:

  • death and permanent disability benefits from 30,000 and up to 250,000 euros,
  • daily allowances to cover the victim’s treatment costs,
  • worldwide repatriation assistance.


SAAM’s strengths


  •  a multi aerial activities insurance policy,
  •  the possibility of covering mountain guide and ski instructor activities,
  •  Private life coverage included,
  •  the best market rate thanks to a good knowledge of the aviation industry,
    a prompt claim settlement,
  •  a dedicated contact within an experienced team.


For more information on our Pilot Personal Accident coverage and all subscriptions click here