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Why do I need insurance?

You own or operate one or more aircraft for private or professional use (plane, helicopter, ULM (trike or 3 axis), autogyro, glider, hot air balloons, etc.) for uses such as crop spraying, tourist flights and / or for business, flight school, skydiving operations, line monitoring … As part of the activity of your flying club, you are concerned about:

  • the safety of your pilots,
  • the sustainability of your business,
  • Your protection towards the risks inherent in the life of the club.

A wide range of cover

A broker to over 100 flying clubs, SAAM offers you a range of services that you may require from a wide range of solutions:

  • liability,
  • Hull,
  • personal accident with repatriation
  • liability and club legal protection,
  • Insuring your hangar.

SAAM’s strengths

  • a major player in aviation brokerage
  • perfect knowledge of aviation insurers’ decision criteria.