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Why do I need insurance?

As the ‘1901 law’ association mentioned , you are responsible for any damage you and any association members may cause to others on the occasion of organised statutory activities.

The amount of damage you have to repair may jeopardise the association and its legal representatives.


Our solution

SAAM offers an Association legal liability contract to cover any damage on ground.

This insurance covers the association in case of financial losses, as a result of bodily injury, or material and immaterial damage caused by:

  • members of the association,
  • work done by the association,
  • Food poisoning.

This guarantee also covers damage caused:

  • at festivals or non-air events,
  • to trainees during professional trials.

SAAM’s strengths

  • a flat-rate premium calculated according to the budget of the association,
  • a customised contract tailored to the needs of associations,
  • an automatic guarantee of “defence and legal action” cover