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SAAM Europe

SAAM Europe is a product exclusively designed for European Flight Crew members whose professional activity depends on a pilot licence issued by a member country of the European Union. The aim is to prevent pilots from consequences of loss of licence.


All cause Death / TILA (Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy):

The purpose of the all-cause death cover is to pay the beneficiary(ies) you have designated, on your death, and for whatever cause, the sum insured you have chosen between a minimum of 50,000 € and up to 600,000 €.

Permanent Loss of Licence:

You can choose a sum insured up to 600,000 € (limited to 5 times your net annual salary)

  • The Permanent Loss of Licence coverage is intended for the payment of the sum insured in the event of total cessation of your work as a flight crew member, following an accident or illness justifying the permanent withdrawal of your approval or your medical certificate of fitness to work as flight crew.
  • Modification of the Permanent Loss of Licence sum insured can be made until the age of
    52 years old included.

Temporary Unfitness:

In case of temporary unfitness due to an illness or accident pronounced by the competent aeromedical center or by the licensing authority, the representative shall pay you a fixed rate daily allowance.

  • The excess period is chosen at the time of subscription in your membership application. You have the choice between one of the following excess periods:
    – 30 consecutive days in case of illness or accident;
    – 60 consecutive days in case of illness or accident;
    – 90 consecutive days in case of illness or accident.
  • You can choose the amount of the daily allowance between a minimum of 50 € and a maximum of 500 € per day. Within this framework, two options are available: with or without deduction of the daily allowances from the capital paid in case of a Permanent loss of licence.

Key benefits

  • free choice of sums insured;
  • Offers that suit you the best;
  • European Coverage;
  • Subscription until the age of 50;
  • Permanent Loss of Licence and Death benefits up to 600,000 €.

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